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100% NZ owned business, our goal is to provide great customer service and experience and to exceed expectations. We noticed a gap in the industry with skilled workers offering specialised services at affordable prices for individuals and communities.

Taking a leap of faith we believe we can help make what it is you are needing come to fruition.

As a family we discussed and then discovered that we had business gifts within our family in IT, Accounts and Marketing.

Our youngest son of five boys - when asked a question about what he wants to be, his answer nine out of ten times was "I don’t know" which highlighted a need to change this negative into a positive,  this is where the name" iknowit" was birthed - to encourage the mindset of our younger generations to step up and find out the answers.


Our son now plays a key role in our business, and is always thriving to do things better. We love to serve and are passionate to work alongside our Pacific Island families and Communities, who are trusting us with their treasured moments and needs.

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