•  ConnectLIVE setup

x1    Portable Editing Studio
x1    Digital sound mixer
x2    Wireless microphone
x2    Wireless Laviler microphone
x4    Wireless camera transmitter
x4    Camera & Tripod
x1    Camera operator
x1    Live stream operator/producer
x1    FollowCAM (either to or from venue)
x1    Graphics Setup
x1    Stream  setup for online distribution
x1    On-site setup (2hrs before event)

x1    Up to 3hrs Live streaming

    Hourly charge (extra time)

Gold Package

SKU: Gold
    1.  Does the venue have a sound system with mics? Can we get an output feed?
    2.  Will you have a slide show/ presentation tribute? Can we connect to the laptop? sound/video
    3.  Program / Powerpoint - advisor for names/titles for live video titles
    4.  Audio / mics  Do you need a speaker system (weather dependent)
    5.  Transparent Logo (badge/family crest) watermark video stream
    6.  Video stream Destination? We stream to Facebook or YouTube. Webpage with livestream link will be created once we have the name.
    7.  Music backing tracks / phone playlist bluetooth (optional)
    8.  Email us this info at